Building Consultants often do not have an Engineering background. Charles originally learnt his skills on the terraced Houses of London. Since 1984, he built his Australian Company to be the strongest Diagnostic consultancy in Sydney in Strata Work, a reputation which RHM Consultants successfully continue today. His geotechnical skill compliments his experience in masonry and interest in building movement.

While he leaves strata work to RHM Consultants in Drummoyne, he continues his long association since 1984 with NSW Public Works and DET. In 2015, he has been requested to inspect an average of three schools a month to provide design advice to deal with the impact of reactive clay on old school buildings whose foundations are inadequate to deal with the movement of the clay. Over his career, he has taken a particular interest in reactive clay soils and has a reputation for pragmatic design solutions for old buildings.

Besides the public sector, RH Consulting Engineers provide similar service to the private sector covering all matters relating to building problems. Sometimes that work involves analysing the design of new buildings and identifying the cause of the problem. A notable project was Dee Why RSL residential units in 2012.