Different Engineers have different skills in different fields. They are all products of their environment. An engineer brought up in a large company where work flow is easy will rarely design as economically as an engineer surviving on ‘design and construct’ in a small practice. Charles built a practice from 1984 to 2005. At one stage he had offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore with up to 40 staff. To survive, he had to be competitive in his fee but also the economy of his output. It is surprising how often engineering solutions are considerably over designed. If you want a confidential audit done on a particular design, contact Charles. He will provide a markup of drawings which can be given to the original designer for discussion for them to include in their work. There is no need for conflict if handled correctly.

With the formation of RH Consulting Engineers in 2007, Charles Rickard joined forces with Robert Hart. Robert has over 40 years of experience working with architects, engineers, developers, and builders. Together they provide an impressive track record of experience in assessing all aspects of any project. In recent times perhaps their most notable project was assisting Dee Why RSL in resolving issues arising from the collapse of their initial choice of builder and the issues of tidying up the project with the subsequent builder.

RH Consulting Engineers enjoy a reputation with companies such as Built, MPA and Vertex for providing cost-effective alternative solutions to help speed construction and economy of design. This skill is reflected in their overall volume of work across the board of different disciplines.